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How it works?

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  • Swaps via a direct token pair or a multi-hop route but can't split a transaction among routes
  • Can't aggregate other DEXes' liquidity
  • Can't arbitrage tokens due to BNB slippage
  • Doesn't have Uni V3 license while liquidity on Ethereum already moved from Uni V2 to V3
  • Can't arbitrage tokens due to BNB slippage
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  • Can trade the liquidity on Pancakeswap more efficiently than Pancakeswap
  • Aggregates liquidity of Uni V2 and soon V3
  • Gets additional value from BNB slippage and price moves by arbitraging third-party tokens
  • Not a fork, built with ❤️ and innovative ideas
  • WoWMaX always gives you more (w/o TVL)
Every Chad can make a 100% fork of Pancakeswap (Uniswap V2), for example, 🙈🙉🙊 and:
  • Decrease Pancake's trading commission from 0.25% to 0.1% on major tokens to make DEX traders happy
  • Increase Pancake's trading commission from 0.25% to 1% trading commissions on 💩 tokens to make their LPs happy
  • Use 1inch and WoWMaX protocols to aggregate and arbitrage all liquidity on BNB smart chain.

Watch the video to find out more